Wollombi Tavern

  • March 16, 2014

TAV_March_2014It’s always amazing who you meet at Wollombi Tavern. The watering hole to Wollombi Valley since the mid 1800s, the Tav is a laid back, casual as it gets sort of place, where you can enjoy a beer or wine and meet a local or weekender for a story or two. Trying the famed local tipple Dr Jurd’s Jungle Juice is a must, so you can say you’ve done it and lived to tell the tale. No trip to the Hunter valley is complete without this experience!


It has finally rained on our fair Valley after a very long, dry summer, so that is the topic of conversation amongst most with much competition about who recorded the most rainfall. Our last major flood in June 2011 (above) was after three consecutive weekends of rain. As you can imagine, there’s a few quiet bets as to when the next flood will occur. It’s always a marvel at how Mother Nature changes the Wollombi Valley from one extreme to the other, one season to the next. A photographer’s paradise all year round!