Escape to the Hunter Valley for a Café Wollombi Theme Night!

  • March 10, 2014

Café Wollombi Spanish night was an absolute hit! You could taste the love in the food, the live flamenco guitarist underlining the Spanish theme of the evening and there were a few sorry sangria heads the next day for sure!  Each dish carried itself with great zesty flavours, colours and balance. Starters included a teasing tasting plate with very naughty jamon croquette, gazpacho, frittata and olives. I chose the Paella as the main, which compared with some of the best I’ve had from seasoned Spanish chefs. I guess that’s because some serious passion and love went into the classic and notoriously temperamental dish in a traditional community size Paella pan ensuring that authentic consistency and flavor.  Our guests from Sydney believed that the Crème Catalan was outstanding, which I think is an understatement considering they fought like kids over the caramelised crackle top!

I’m very excited to see how Sacha Kidd, Natalie O’Donohue and the girl’s team from Café Wollombi keep up the pace on their next international theme night “Nippon”. Armed with what looks like a stellar menu, I had to hold a small animal to ransom for my last group booking, so get in quick!